When you’re like me and love fashion but have no money, you can get a bit of yearning to shop, but knowing you can’t spend anything. A wishlist gets created. The following items are a couple beauties I’d love to buy… but maybe can do without.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about hopes and dreams lately. And why I don’t expect to live my dream or achieve what I want. Most people have dreams but that’s all they are. Dreams. We tell our selves that it’ll never happen and we should just live in ‘the real world.’ And I’m guilty of it too.

When was it that I stopped believing in myself? If someone asked me when I was ten what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have replied with
‘I want to win the X Factor and become a famous pop star.’
And now?
‘I dunno, I want to do something with physics, probably end up as a teacher’

What happened?  I still want to be a singer. A Broadway star. That’s my dream. I also want to run a popular blog, have my own line of makeup and have shit tonnes of money.  Why do I think that I have no chance of achieving any of this?  I think that my life will be boring and meaningless. I will go to uni, move back to Shetland, buy a little house, get married to the boy I’ve been with since school, have babies, get a job as a physics teacher, retire and eventually die leaving no legacy and not ever achieving what I always dreamed.
I don’t want that life.

I want to be famous. I want lots of money and I don’t care how stupid it sounds. I can do it. I can do whatever I want in my life, right? And I should. I only get one life. And so do you! Fucking YOLO man.
I used to say: ‘Life sucks and then you die.’ Couldn’t be anymore pessimistic. Now i think that is only true for those who are too afraid to chase their dreams. If you try hard and persevere you can achieve greatness.

So I’m starting now.  I want to achieve great things. And I will. I refuse to live a typical life.  I’m gunna do what makes me happy. Fuck what anyone else thinks.

Sorry about the rant but I felt like ranting. This post was such a mess. I swear I’ll learn to write properly structured posts soon. I might write a more structured post on this topic again but for now, a general stream of conciseness will have to do.


Exam Season

                                                       So its exam season.
This is the most horrific time for any student no matter what stage of their education they are in. It comes with stress, anxiety and a constant fear of not being ‘good enough’
I am really bad for this. I am one of those people who put way to much pressure on themselves. I tell myself that these exams are the most important thing in the world and that if I don’t get an A then well, I suck.
This year I am doing my fifth year exams. I don’t know what you call these in other countries but basically these are the exams you do in your second last year at school. The ones that determine where and what you go and do after you leave school. So they are like the most important exams of your school life pretty much.
And I’m stressed.
I want to do Astrophysics at Edinburgh University.
I need very good results, especially in physics and maths.
Problem here is that i can’t do maths, I scraped a pass in my mock exams a few months ago and i don;t feel like I’ve improved. Minimum entry to the previously mentioned course is an A in maths and at least B’s in three other subjects.
I have my physics exam on Tuesday. I was confident for it as i had been doing really well in pass papers while revising. But i don’t think the exam went that great.
So now i am scared.
I have three exams next week,
Monday-Music (easy enough)
Wednesday-Biology (Not ready at all)
Friday-English (No quotes memorised)

So yeah. I have a lot of work to do.
But its okay, because there are ways to beat the stress.

Plan Plan Plan
The amount of work you need to get done can seem incredibly over whelming. So the best thing you can do is to figure out what needs to be done and when you need to do it. I usually make a revision timetable on my computer and try stick to it as best I can. This really helps.
Its easy enough to make one, but don’t half ass it. It’s easy to just say, okay today ill do an hour of maths an hour of English and so on. You need to plan out EXACTLY what you are going to study. Eg. Monday 11th- 9:00-9:50 – Biology- Make notes on pages 245-270
If you have something planned out, then when you sit down to revise you don’t waste ten minutes deciding what to study.

Expect Failure
This is a really important tip.
In your study time you will fail. There will be times where you can’t do it. So plan for it. Make sure you are taking breaks. You wont be able to keep going for more than an hour. I have 50 minute study blocks with 25 minute breaks between them. This way I never feel like i can’t keep going. It gives you a chance to actually enjoy your day instead of feeling like you have wasted another day stressing and studying.

I can’t stress this enough. You have got to CHILLLLL!
You will never study efficiently if you are crying and stressing about your exams. So sit back and remember that even if they seem like it, these exams do not define you and they ultimately won’t decide what you will do. There is always another way.
If you are really stressed before an exam, take some time and write out your worries on a bit of paper. Its been proven that students who do this will perform better compared to students that don’t. It will get the worries out of your head and allow you to focus on doing the exam to the best of your ability.

I think that’s quite enough for today. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I will be back again as soon as possible with more random lifey things.


Who The Beep Am I?


This is me This is real Im exactly where im supposed to be now.
This is me This is real Im exactly where im supposed to be now.

I’m Lucy, or better known as lucy222333 (great username never taken) and I guess this is my blog.

Its currently eight minutes past midnight so please excuse my terribleness, but I have decided to start a blog. I have tried to do this before but never properly and usually it was out out boredom not out of a genuine desire to become a blogger.
I have a slight problem though.


But live and learn i guess. So now getting on to who the beep am i?

  • I am 16 years old (yes young please don’t comment)
  • I live in the fair land of Scotland
  • I have a huge interest in fashion and beauty
  • and thats what this blog will be about i guess..

Yes, awh look a young girl who wants to talk about makeup. How freaking precious.
I am precious and I will werk it thankyou very much.
I think this may also be a general lifestyle blog as I have a tendency to ramble on to myself pretending I am a youtuber or something. I just have so much profound knowledge that I wish to share ( ha ha not true )
So yes here we are, thats some things about me that you definitely don’t care about. But I mean I needed to introduce myself so deal wiv it yeh.

Ugh what else do I need to even say?
I have three exams next week.